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Class Action, Mass Tort & Multi-District Litigation
Class Action, Mass Tort & Multi-District Litigation

Class Action, Mass Tort & Multi-District Litigation

Our attorneys have aggressively represented defendants in mass torts and class actions in a broad spectrum of cases including those arising from industrial accidents, asbestos exposure, exposure to chemical substances, medical devices and pharmaceutical claims and securities fraud cases. Members of the section have also successfully defended numerous class action claims against various insurance companies, hospitals, and other companies.

Class Action, Multiparty, Multiforum Trial Jurisdiction Act (MMTJA) & Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA)

The enactments of MMTJA and CAFA fundamentally changed the Class Action playing field. Keeping up with this rapidly evolving landscape is one of the things that separates BSW attorneys from the rest of the pack. Our experience has taught us to stay ahead of the oncoming issues, particularly those pertaining to strategic jurisdictional decisions.

General and Specific Causation, Investigation of Cause and Potential Insurance Issues

Our attorneys have a depth of experience in addressing issues of general and specific causation in order to narrow the potential pool of claimants. Working with a team of experts we diligently determine the exact medical effects of any chemical exposures, and address the more fact-intensive issues of specific causation using focused discovery requests and modern air-disbursement modeling techniques. We use all of this to narrow the group of potential plaintiffs to only those who may have objectively valid claims.