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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities does the Firm look for in candidates during interviews?

We strive to employ highly motivated people with diverse backgrounds and interests who possess leadership capabilities and a record of excellent academic achievement. We invite those students who have excelled academically, as well as those who have achieved success in other disciplines or careers, to interview with the Firm. Candidates should have strong interpersonal and oral/written communication skills. Personal qualities such as integrity, maturity, judgment, ambition, creativity and responsibility all play an integral part in our candidate review process.

How long after a clerkship candidate interviews should he or she expect a decision?

Our Recruiting Committee meets regularly. Ordinarily, a candidate can expect a decision within a week to two weeks from the time he or she is interviewed.

Do your law clerks receive meaningful work assignments?

Generally speaking, our law clerks operate very much like first year associates. They are given significant projects that assist the attorneys in servicing clients. Because law clerks are asked to assist with actual legal matters, their work is important to us and to our clients. Moreover, we hope to afford our law clerks the opportunity to learn from participation in real life legal matters. For example, beyond legal research and drafting, law clerks are often invited to take part in activities that emphasize the practical aspects of the practice of law, such as trials, hearings, depositions, client meetings, business transactions and the like.

How long is a clerkship?

The Summer Associates Program is split into two six-week sessions. The first split begins in Mid-May. The second split begins toward the end of June and lasts until the beginning of August. Spring clerkships vary depending upon school and exam schedules.

How many law clerks typically participate in the Firm’s clerkship Program?

BSW typically hires between sixteen and eighteen law clerks during the Summer. Ordinarily, there is a mix of first and second year students participating in the Summer Program. We also hire law clerks for our Spring Program, averaging three or four per Spring.

How are work assignments distributed?

Generally speaking, the goal is to allow each law clerk the opportunity to take on work in any and all areas of interest. This provides the students with an opportunity to make more informed choices about their areas of interest and to demonstrate their ability to various practice groups. Although we do not assign our law clerks to a specific practice area, if a law clerk communicates a particular area of interest, we strive to facilitate assignments to accommodate that preference.

What type of mentoring program is offered to law clerks?

Each law clerk is assigned two mentors who are responsible for facilitating the law clerk’s integration into both the social and business structure of the firm. The mentors arrange for attorneys to take the law clerks to lunch, join them at Firm functions, acquaint them with our attorneys and staff, coordinate work assignments and answer any work related questions that may arise.

What types of social activities are available to law clerks?

The firm arranges a variety of social activities throughout the Spring and Summer Programs to provide the law clerks and attorneys the opportunity to get to know one another. We strive to hire our attorneys through our clerkship program and therefore, value the time we are afforded to interact on an informal basis with the students who may be future leaders of our firm.

What are the salaries of law clerks at BSW?

Currently, the rate of pay for law clerks is $23.00 per hour. However, it is our intention to pay competitive rates to law clerks and attorneys alike. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring market rates and re-evaluate our pay scales on at least a yearly basis.

Is there a required number of hours a law clerk is expected to work each week?

Generally speaking, except for attendance at class or school related functions, law clerks are expected to be in the office or performing BSW related activities during regular business hours. Although there is a minimum budget requirement for our attorneys, there is no set number of hours a law clerk is required to work or bill.

How will feedback/evaluations be shared with law clerks throughout the program?

Law clerks are provided verbal feedback and written comments on their work product from the assigning attorney on each project completed. There is also an informal exit interview toward the conclusion of the clerkship.

If I want to clerk for BSW during the Summer, will I be able to participate in classes abroad?

Yes. Typically, law clerks wishing to work at BSW and attend courses abroad split their clerkship into two parts - three weeks before departing for Europe and three weeks upon their return.

How are Associate offers made?

Offers for employment are made at the end of each summer program. Input is solicited from all attorneys for the final evaluation of each law clerk. Decisions regarding employment are based upon numerous considerations, including the evaluation of each law clerk’s work product, the recommendations of the Recruiting Committee and the Firm’s hiring needs.