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Banking & Finance
Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

As banking and finance have grown more convenient for the customer, the industry's operations and regulatory requirements have become even more testing. We've kept up with the changes, and the firm has experience in all areas of Banking and Finance Law, including representing both lenders and borrowers. We serve as counsel to community banks throughout Louisiana and also to major regional banks and their holding companies. Our attorneys are experienced in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, bank holding companies, federal and state banking regulatory matters, and commercial loan transactions. The firm's experience includes securities regulation, taxation and creditor's rights complements bank-related issues. We also work closely with the Louisiana Bankers Association in labor/employment matters, conducting numerous seminars and training sessions every year. 

Background and Experience

  • Bank Regulation 
  • Commercial Loan Documentation and Closing 
  • Collections 
  • Loan Restructuring and Workouts 
  • Lender Liability